Gabby Davis

Gabrielle Davis, M.Ed, LPA

Licensed Psychological Associate

Hello! My name is Gabby Davis and I received my Masters in Counseling Psychology from the University of Louisville. I use a predominantly Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach (e.g., behavioral activation, thought challenging, coping skills, exposure therapy) to address a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, adjustment, and I have received specialized training for the treatment of eating disorders. I have worked with clients from all over Louisville, including clients from diverse backgrounds. I work well with all ages and I particularly love helping adolescents and teenagers. You and I will work collaboratively to determine your goals for therapy and outline your treatment plan together. I seek to empower my clients to become thriving members of society outside of the therapy room, and I would love to help you achieve these goals!

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Clinical and Counseling Psychology from Bellarmine University. In my free time, I enjoy watching documentaries with my partner, spending time with my two dogs, Murph and Ladybird, eating delicious food, and listening to audiobooks.